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About me


 I am Alax Tharakan, based in Kerala, INDIA, I am focused solely on the watercolor painting medium. 

I've painted on and off all my life. I love watercolor. Most people express it's the most difficult painting medium to use - after all if you make a mistake, that's it. I also love the spontaneity of watercolor and the pace at which you can perform, often being able to complete a painting in under 1 hour. Also the freshness you can get with watercolor, the attempt to make one brush stroke work just right and it expresses precisely what I want.

I have painted more energetically since about 2005 and try and do about 3-4 paintings a week. As regards subjects to paint, I love doing landscapes and Life movements. Pretty much a scene anywhere in the world as long as there is some visual delight. I try to get out and about as much as I can to paint, but most of the time I'm indoors in my studio and painting from a photo. 

I sell my paintings into displays mainly in INDIA. have had infrequent sell my paintings abroad.


Hauz Khas village New Delhi 2007.
Solo Exhibition on Darbar hall Art Gallery, Lalitha Kala Academy Cochin 2008.
Group Exhibition on Art Houz Coimbatore 2015.

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